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Backwoods Asshole.


Okay So..about 6 months ago.

We had the Crew from Moonshiners stay at our hotel. Tickles was drunk but he was a nice drunk. He had this asshole with him though by the name of Howard… When he walked through the lobby at 2 am he was loud and cussing and being so rude.

When I said to him

"sir I…

Holding her down in a chair? Fuck that guy!

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Anonymous asked: Do you believe that if I hit my boyfriend he can hit me back because of equality? Sometimes I can't tell if we mean it.



That’s not equality.
That’s more along the lines of domestic violence.

Why is it that “equality” is supposed to mean men can hit us WHEN MEN ARE ALREADY HITTING WOMEN AT APPALLING RATES???

Literally the only situation which men and women should be allowed and encouraged to get physically rough with one another is if they’re playing contact sports (or during consensual rough sex, but that’s a different story). Do if you’re asking “does equality mean my boyfriend can tackle me while we okay football because I tackled him”, then yes. Yes that’s equality.

But if you’re saying that equality means a woman can physically attack her boyfriend, and her boyfriend has permission to fight back, you are nowhere near the same ballpark. That is an entirely separate scenario and you clearly don’t understand the depth of the issue.

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my mother has been murdered,
i really need help

I wanted to boost this with the note for skeptics that this looks completely legit:

This is what happened. It’s a pretty awful. Warning for domestic violence.

Here’s a pic uploaded by the news site showing her with her kids. Note the older girl’s appearance

Here’s what appears to be the full version of the first pic in the top news article, and a corrobating selfie from the day before, verifying that the blogger’s the same girl, that does not match anything on google images.

It’s exactly as OP says. Actually given the circumstances I think it’s even worse than OP let on here. I don’t usually reblog donate2charity posts but in this case it’s as horrible and as true as it says on the tin so yeah. Followers, please consider this one.

This is one of my closest friends and I can verify the truth in this post. Her mother was taken from her in a case of domestic violence and she needs help from you if you have it in your heart and your pockets to do so.


i am so upset and sorry someone really had to do all that to prove that this was true. and i am sending all my love to the OP and her sibling. i am sorry. <3

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Please reblog if you know anyone who might take party drugs.

as a former military medic, I can 100% confirm this for the UK. Paramedics don’t care and it might save your life. 

Reblogging again for validation comment. Thank you, former medic!

I’m not one for drugs, but I’m also not one for judgment either. This post is really important. I hope my friends know I’d much rather them tell me what they were doing so I can look out for them then try to lie and get hurt. Stay safe y’all. Please.

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The odds of being attacked by a shark in the US are 1 in 11,500,000, but no one gets mad at people who want to avoid the ocean.

The odds of a woman being sexually assaulted in her lifetime are 1 in 6, but if she doesn’t feel safe around strange men she’s a stereotyping bitch.

Strange old world we live in.

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